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BSK, a non-profit organization, was formed to promote the acceptance and awareness of young people with a special need by including them in community activities which will help them develop into better adults through participation in organized, supervised recreation activities. The program offers Pony Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Dance and Soccer in the belief that if you teach young people to play by the rules, they will learn to live by the rules of everyday life.

The program provides a way for families and friends to come together to celebrate the lives of their loved ones. The parents get a chance to talk to each other and they realize they are not alone.  Sponsorships pay for uniforms, shirts, picture packages, awards, and other costs associated with our sport programs. Any donations would be appreciated.


We sincerely hope you choose to be a part of our program. If you do, please complete the sponsor form and return as noted. All sponsors are recognized within our website on the sponsors page


For program information, e-mail Pat at...




Bill Yearsley Program Coordinator 

"A Dream Come True"

Prior to January 1997, local programs for children with special needs were very limited.  All children, regardless of their ability and/or capability to participate, should be afforded the opportunity to be involved in sporting events. Can you imagine what it is like for a young child to sit and watch brother, sister or other friends play a sport and not be able to do so themselves?  I did and as a result a program was established to provide sporting events for these children with special needs.


With the help of my family and the cooperation of the Moreno Valley Youth Federation Pony Baseball, a program was created to serve these special children.  The program started with twelve families and grew to some twenty families over the next five years.  At the end of the 2001 baseball season, some parents asked, what do we do now?  They wanted additional sporting events for their children.  Once again, my family stepped forward and a bowling program was formed.  We provided these children with two sessions of eight weeks of bowling. As a result of this effort, "Bill's Special Kids" was born.


Our family continued to grow as new children became a part of our program.  During the summer of 2003, swimming became a part of our program.  Some 125 children, parents and volunteers are currently a part of our program.  Although the dream of my family is not the same as it was in the beginning, the birth of my special needs grandson; William has created a new dream in our hearts.  Our families dream has given children with special needs the chance to participate in sports and to meet other families that share the same dreams.


Bill Yearsley Founder, "Bill's Special Kids" 

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